Palma 30 Open Space Catamaran

State of the art design  The Palma 30 combines the expertise of Nicolas Purnu, a long-time associate of Marc Lombard for multi-hull design and of Jean-Noel Lebrun, whose fiberglass works span over 40 years. The yachts are built in Charente-Maritime (France) using infusion techniques. To keep them light and strong, hulls and decks use sandwich with PVC foam and vinylester resin.

Built for performance  The Palma 30 offers up to 68 m2 for upwind sailing with only 2 tons of MSC displacement. With a wide 5.35 m beam, she is a stiff yacht across all wind conditions.

More flexible navigation plans The Palma 30 maximum draft is 0,99 m and her two fins are designed to let you beach deep inside lagunas and harbours, further extending your navigation reach.

Great for friends & family cruising  The Palma 30 Navigateur and Grand Tourisme configurations offer both two aft cabins with 1.40m wide double-berths and two smaller cabins forwards. The forwards cabins are accessed directly from the companionways and have 1.20 m wide beds. The Navigateur version is equipped with one bath while the Grand Tourisme version may have one bath in each hull.

The three distinct configurations enjoy a large deck saloon
- The Open version is dedicated to day sailing, the center cockpit hosts up to ten guests.
- The Navigateur version features a starboard galley and a portside bath.
- The Grand Tourisme version features a hardtop roof over the deck saloon and the kitchen.

Terrific prices
Equipped with an outboard engine and two sails, the Palma 30 Open starts at 89.000 €,
the Navigateur at 115.000 € and the GT version at 126.500 €, plus VAT.


When their navigation programs evolve, owner may take advantage from our upgrade kits to migrate their catamarans from an Open to a Navigateur or Grand Tourisme version.

Options for long range cruising
The Palma 30 may be fitted with a water-maker, a 130 liters freezer, and 600 W solar panels to let you sail in full autonomy for extended periods of time.

For a detailed presentation of the Palma 30,
Please contact Jean-Noel Lebrun at +33 6 42 78 44 63.

Palma 30 arrière.png