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Palma Navigateur

Fast Cruising Catamaran

Palma 30 Nav Base.png

Innovative, state-of-the-art design

The Palma Line builds upon the expertise of Nicolas Purnu, a long-time associate of Marc Lombard for multi-hull designs, and of Jean-Noel Lebrun, with 40 years of fiberglass works.


We offer fast, safe, very light yet exceedingly comfortable catamarans with overall lengths between 30 and 35 feet. Their modular designs meet the sharpest family cruising requirements.

The Palma Navigateur features a PMMA windshield and a large sprayhood which may extend up to the composite arch and completely enclose the deck saloon in bad weather.

Hulls are optimized for performance & stability. The deck designs reduce aerodynamic drag while optimizing the space available for the crew as well as movements on board.

The yachts are built in France in Charente-Maritime. The sandwich hull and deck use Airex PVC foam for increased strength, weight savings, and durability.

02 Open GV JC0jpg.jpg

Built for performance
With a square top mainsail, bowsprit, chine hulls, 5.70 m beam, and a light weight of 3.0 tons the Palma Navigateur is a fast and stiff yacht across all wind conditions.

The Performance Package offers up to 84
 m2 for upwind sailing. 
A carbon rotating mast from AGPlus is also available and will add over 4 m2 .

Flexible navigation plans 

Palma cats have two fins with a maximum draft of 0,99 m to let you sail and beach deep inside lagunas and harbours, further extending your navigation reach.

Palma 30 17-09-2021_edited.png

Great for friends & family cruising
Each Palma Navigateur
 offers two aft cabins with 1.40m wide double-berths and 1.90 m headroom and may add smaller cabins forwards, directly accessed from the companionways.

Each yacht is equipped with a full bath on Starboard and may host a second bath, a small office, or a galley on Port.

An owner's dressing room is also available on Starboard.

Palma 30 cockpit fermé.png

A choice of deck configurations

The Palma Navigateur offers three choices of kitchen configuration: under deck on Port, U-shaped behind the mast, or L shaped at the yacht center.


Options for long range cruising

All Palma units may be fitted with a water-maker, a 130 liter deep-freezer, solar panels, and two diesel engines or e-pods to sail in full autonomy for extended periods of time.

GT Interior.jpg

Quality equipment

All Palma cats are equipped with Incidences sails, Z-Spar masts, Harken & Antal gear, Lancelin ropes, Ruchaud upholstery, Vectran lifelines, Lewmar Delta anchors, as well as NKE or Raymarine electronics and autopilots.

Standard configurations include a 13 m long mast.  The Performance package delivers extra power with a 14 m long mast, a bowsprit, three high-end Aramide & CZ laminate sails, and two extra winches.

Your choice of engines

You may select one or two outboards engines, two electrical pods and their lithium battery bank, or two Nanni inboard engines.

If you choose a single outboard engine it will run coupled to the rudders. Using two engines will provide extra flexibility in tight marinas.  

Palma 30 Helm_edited.jpg

Easy to handle
The twin helm stations provide excellent visibility across the horizon and all around the yacht.  With up to five winches, controls remain always at your fingertips.

The powerful yacht mainsails are controlled through dedicated winches located at the center of the aft cockpit bench. The low blocks of the mainsail tackles are mounted on Harken big-boat carts & rails to allow for fast and precise adjustments.

To free the gangways and to facilitate movements along the yachts, the shroud chainplates
are bolted on the roof sides instead of the hulls.

Davits are available as options to store tenders behind the transom beams. 

The right choice for the environment

The light weight of the Palma catamarans means their construction is a smaller drain on our planet resources compared to heavy cruising cats.

Palma cats will also save you money

Equipped with an outboard engine and two sails, the Palma Navigateur starts at 196
 000 € plus VAT. 

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